Our History

  Our History  
Here is the "Small Beginning" of Christ Temple Apostolic Church founded in 1920.  Suffragan Bishop Marvin C. Reeves pastored here faithfully through trials and triumphs for 19 years.  His faithfulness has been rewarded as God promised..."If you are faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many."

In the early 1920's the Lord sent Pentecostal Pioneers, Elder Mills from Washington, PA and Elder Ramsey from Pittsburgh, PA to Milton to teach and preach the message of the Gospel.  

Elder Mervin Ward (right) who was born in Carlisle, PA moved to Milton in 1917. He was brought by God into a plan that later sprang forth as Christ Temple.  He was baptised in Indiana and received the Holy Ghost in 1922.  He was called to the ministry and licensed in 1927 by the Pentecostal Assemblies of The World.

A Harmonius, Racially Intergrated Church Grows...

Elder Ward later married Lucille Williams Thompson, who was faithful in helping carry out the work of God.  The church starte with a few saints holding meetings in the homes of Sis. Sarah Harris, Sis. Mary Shaffer and Elder Ward.  As these services progressed, Mr. John B. Shaffer (Sis. Mary's husband) was instrumental in acquiring the property to rent for church services.  This building was owned by Mr. Harry Mench, whose daughter began worshipping with us.


From the River to the Creek
to a Pool

Through Elder Ward's leadership, God's direction and the prayers of the saints, many souls were won to Christ, thus building up the local church, Christ Temple.  Revivals, street meetings and a growing Sunday School Department were vital to the growth of the congregation.  It was during a three week revival held by Elder Britten, that 12 souls were baptized and 13 received the Holy Ghost.  Prior to 1927 they baptized in the river and also Limestone Creek.  In the 1940's Elder Ward received a baptismal pool from his father, the Reverend Walter Ward.


The Building that Served us 50 Years was Purchased

With the help of the Lord and the support of the saints, Elder Ward purchased the single frame sanctuary in 1951.  In 1957 an extension was added to the rear of the building. One of the pillar members remained with our congregation until going home to be with the Lord, including Bro. Archie Thompson, Bro. Milton Shaffer and Sis. Doreen Wilson.


A Shepherdless Flock Waits
on God to Send a New Shepherd

During the mid 60's and 70's we at Christ Temple tried to sustain ourselves until help came.  Help did come in the form of some faithful men of God.  Elder Fernwood Jones from Harrisburg, PA came to help us. He commuted for seven years on wekends and sometimes during the week for bible class. Elder John Easton and Elder Anderson from Harrisburg came to minister to the saints. These men taught and preached the Word of God as we waited on the Lord for a pastor.  The Lord never forsook Christ Temple.  God never leaves His work undone--even when we think there is no hope.

The Beginning of Elder Reeves' Ministry at Christ Temple

In March of 1978, Elder Marvin Reeves came up at the prompting of District Elder Steve D Bright, who was just another part of the plan of God for Christ Temple.  Elder Reeves, fro Kennett Square, PA came to us on Sunday for Evening Worship and later began coming on Thursday for Bible Class.  After much prayer, fasting and several years of driving 8 hours back and forth twice a week, Elder Reeves accepted the pastorship of the church.

God Gives a New Pastor a Vision That
Would be 19 Years in the Making!

After moving to Milton in October 1980, Pastor Reeves began projecting the vision God had given him.  It seemed larger than life for his flock, but we continued in faith.  Even with a small congregation, he did great things for the name of Jesus.  In November of that same year, Pastor Reeves was officaally installed at the Assembly of God Church in Milton, PA.

The Braggs family represented a true "Anchor Family" at Christ Temple.  Mother Braggs as she was affectionately known, reared 10 children alone, following the passing of her husband.  She worked hard to support her family and served God faithfully.  She came to Christ Temple through a former choir director, John Gibson.  Taking note of his musical style she quipped: "you must play for a sanctified church!"  He answered "Yes I do!"  The church was Christ Temple.  When Sis. Braggs and family visted Christ Temple, they remained faithful members members spanning 3 generations till this day.